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Do you know, it's not so simple introducing myself and writing all about me when I don't know who I'm talking to! But I'll do my best, and I'm hoping that if I leave anything out (how will you know?) or if I say too much, or if I write a load of drivel you'll let me know. In the nicest possible way, of course.
My name's Sue and I live in Kent with my husband Steve, and two cats, too many spiders and a few straying woodlice (we live in an old cottage).
I've always loved writing - thinking up plots, creating characters and getting to know them, the way an idea unfolds and builds into a story. I used to write everything using a pen and paper, but rarely do that anymore. My laptop is faster and more convenient. But the one thing I don't get from a computer is that sense of contact between brain and paper - do you know what I mean? As if the words that formed in my mind moved down through my arm, through my hand and fingertips, into the pen and, finally, onto that piece of paper in front of me. I just don't get that with a keyboard and a screen.
I began by writing poetry and short stories, and have gone on to write several novels and one non-fiction book. But it is only now that I've had one of those novels published (more later) that I feel I can genuinely call myself a "writer".
I worked as an auxiliary nurse in hospice care for almost 30 years, but have now taken early retirement - suddenly I have the opportunity and time to focus on this writing game, and to start making dreams come true, and I'm loving it!
I'd like to think that this blog will be a place where we can share writing experiences - ordinary, simple things like Where do you get ideas? How did you develop your style? Do you need a quiet space to write, or can you do it on a train with people crammed all around you? How do you overcome 'writers block'? How do you discipline yourself? What sort of relationships do you build with your characters? Do you miss them when they're gone? How many times do you rewrite a passage/page/chapter before you lose the essence of what you're trying to say? Is being a perfectionist a pain in the bum when you're a writer?
Anything and everything, really.
I'll also be letting you know about my "Journey to Publication". After putting my novel "Dependence" onto Kindle Direct Publishing a few months ago, (here's the link http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00BV5F0IU ) I decided I wanted it to be a 'physical' book and am in the process of self-publishing with Matador. It's due out on the 1st December. You can read the first four pages, plus some background to the book, and some reviews on the Dependence page of this blog. Just click on the cover image on the right side of this page.

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