"Acceptance, Enthusiasm, Joy"

           "Practice with an attitude of joy. Struggle never works"

This advice is on one of my yoga tapes. I know it's got nothing to do with writing, publishing, books and so on....

And yet it has.  It can be applied to anything, really.  Doing the Downward Dog, climbing a mountain, running a marathon, hoovering, digging the garden, cycling uphill, getting over a sad/bad relationship, wallpapering, learning anything new, meditating, adjusting to the passing of the years...

And writing!  It's true - struggle doesn't work, and if I ever find myself locked in combat with a pile of words that just won't form themselves into anything remotely interesting, I tend to walk away and involve myself in something completely different.

And then when I return, even if I can't quite get that attitude of joy, I do try and bear in mind what Eckhart Tolle says in his book 'A New Earth':
"Awakened doing has three modalities, depending on circumstances and the nature of the activity. They are acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm". 

No, I don't actually sit at my desk thinking "Awakened doing has....." etc, but it's true that approaching whatever you do with the attitude that you'll be either enthusiastic or joyful or at least, accepting, really does make a difference.  Not always possible, of course, but, like most things, becomes easier with practice!

Sorry if I sound as if I'm preaching...I'm not, truly. Just sharing what does good things for me.

What does it for you?

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